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    Default Electrical Noise

    My ceiling fan starts humming at EXACTLY 11PM for 8 seconds and again at precisely 11:30PM for another 8 seconds. I have tried to eliminate anything connected to that circuit that might have a time feature, to no avail. Any ideas what is causing this ghostly sum?

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    Default Re: Electrical Noise

    Is the fan running during these times?
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    Question Re: Electrical Noise

    Does this fan have a wireless remote?
    I ran into a problem like this one time on a paper cutter in a print shop. The cutters' computer would go bonkers at all hours of the night. The owners had never had a problem with it until they relocated to a new building.
    Well the new building was in an airport industrial park that had pilot controlled runway lights. When the plane is going to land the pilot clicks his microphone several times to turn on the lights and the frequency of the radio signal going off and on was causing the problem in the paper cutter. I added a RF filter to the control power and problem solved. But it took a while to trace that one down. Being a pilot myself is what gave me a clue as to the real problem.
    Some utilities have special meters that send information over the power lines for meter reading and trouble reporting and some are "interrogated" by the utility at different times of the day with an RF signal. Something like that could be causing the humm that you are hearing.
    Or ghosts.

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