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    Default Curved floor molding

    We need to replace floor molding around our curved walls. Is there a best method for shaping the wood?

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    Default Re: Curved floor molding

    A little more detail and perhaps a couple of pictures would help. There are to many variables with such a limited description.
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    Default Re: Curved floor molding

    What is the size of the molding?
    What radius does it need to be formed to?
    You can kerf-bend straight moldings down to about 24" radius. Any tighter and you need to make a curved molding. This requires time and special woodworking capabilities. That's part of the reason flex-trim was invented.
    A curved blank is usually made by glue-laminating layers of veneer to the finished radius, and then molding it on a shaper. This implies that one has access to a supply of bending stock, the glue cauls needed to laminate it, and a shaper and the cutters needed to produce the profile. And preferably possession of the requisite skill to finish the job with the same number of digits with which one started.
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