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    Default water dripping from ceiling heat vents

    I have water dripping from the furnace heat vents in the ceiling. I have not used the furnace in over 3 years, but the water is dripping very bad in from the vents in garage ceiling, and bathroom ceiling staining ceiling bad.
    Can i remove these vents/ductwork since i dont use the furnace anymore or is there alot more to it? I want to stop the leaking before the ceilings are ruined. (i heat with electric heaters now) Thank you!!

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    Default Re: water dripping from ceiling heat vents

    The dripping is caused when warm, moist air from the house drifts up into the cold ducts above the ceiling registers. The moisture condenses and drips.

    You could block the air from rising into the registers by removing them and sealing them closed on the back side. Use tape, plastic, cardboard, etc.

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