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    Default matching paint to white windows

    The color of my newly installed white windows is a rather grayish white that I don't care for. Is it ok to use a slightly different shade of paint for the trim, and if so are there any guidelines to selecting something that goes with the window but also looks good?
    (I'm considering 'pure white' which is fairly neutral in tone)


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    Default Re: matching paint to white windows

    I've put "white" replacement windows in my cottage with a cream trim. I was also concerned about it, but wasn't an issue to the eye at all. My new addition also has white grills (inside the pane of glass, with cream trim. Again, no real issue. The external is the same way. "White" on "white" (different shades) doesn't look bad at all.

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    Default Re: matching paint to white windows

    There are no real guidelines, it sounds like the color you want would look very nice. Whites are hard to match, so consider purchasing a bit extra paint for touch ups down the road.
    Find painting contractors in your area.

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