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    Default Hot Water Pressure Problems

    Recently bought a 1940s bungalow (our first house!). While we have a "to do" list a mile long, there's no major problems that need fixing right away. However, we do have a minor issue with hot water pressure. It seems to be only when we run the washing machine.

    If we try washing dishes and running the washing machine at the same time the kitchen faucet comes out at a trickle. We can't take a shower if the washing machine is running either. I know pressure should change some, but we have virtually no pressure from other faucets when the washing machine is on.

    Does anyone have any clues about what could be the problem? Any ideas on where to start? Thanks for any tips!

    One last bit of information that might be helpful: the laundry room was added on to the house at a later date.

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    Default Re: Hot Water Pressure Problems

    This is usually caused by a pipe restriction in the hot water piping, or a restriction even back to the cold water house main supply.

    What type of hot water heater do you have?

    Do you have hard water in your area?

    Is the cold water supply also restricted when you open more than one faucet?

    Are your water pipes galvanized steel or copper or plastic?

    If the pressure drop is only in the hot water supply, there is a restriction in the pipes leading up to or including the hot water heater.

    Make sure all faucets are turned fully open, going all the way back to the cold water main.

    click onto the site below, then onto "solve a problem" and "water pressure".

    Google "low water pressure" household for more sites.
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