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    Default Garage epoxy floor paint

    I would like to paint my garage floor with an 2 part epoxy paint. My question is there anyone who has done this and is it worth it. I dont want to spend more thn $600 for my 750 sqr ft garage. My other question wuld be what brand did you use and how did it hold up.

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    Default Re: Garage epoxy floor paint

    I also am going to be painting my garage floor.

    I remember an episode (I don't remember if TOH or ATOH) where Kevin observed a garage floor being painted. The contractor stated that it wasn't epoxy but was better. It was stated that it was more durable and easier to lay down. Does anyone remember this episode and what the material was?

    FYI: Check out the the Garage Journal.

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    Default Re: Garage epoxy floor paint

    I researched the options a lot before having my garage floor painted with epoxy. Here's what I've found out:

    1) The products you can find at Home Depot and Lowes are not epoxy based, therefore if you live in a climate with lots of heat expect to have to redo the floors every couple of years because the paint will stick to the tires when you leave your car in the garage.

    2) The epoxy products are pretty difficult for DIY guys to obtain. If you can find it (check ebay) you can do it yourself, it will take 3 days of about 1 hour a day (drying time in between).

    3) If you hire professionals to do it, it will cost about $1000. That's ultimately the route I went, and I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

    Hope that helps.

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    Default Re: Garage epoxy floor paint

    To get the "best" results in your budget, here is my suggestion:

    #1 Spend the money to rent a floor grinder to properly prepare your floor. You will probably spend a good portion of your budget here but you will save yourself in the long run.

    #2 Purchase a non acrylic (usually marked "industrial") version of the garage floor epoxy from your local box store of your choice.

    #3 I would suggest the Quikrete brand, but the Rustoleum would also be acceptable.

    #4 Purchase the number of "kits" per package instructions, if in doubt, PURCHASE EXTRA, you can always take back the extra.

    #5 Purchase extra color flakes or chips the same color as is included in your package. I would purchase the same # as the number of kits you buy. Nothing worse than running out of chips halfway through the garage floor. Again you can always take back the extras.

    #6 For best results plan on installing one clear coat. NOT REQUIRED but will make your DIY installation look like a professional installation.

    #7 PLAN PLENTY OF TIME. This is not something you should do in a rush. Read ALL the instructions TWICE. Pay close attention to times and temperatures for application. These may be your enemy if you don't plan properly.

    #8 Proper floor preparation is the KEY to a long lasting quality job. If you take nothing else from my post, spend the time and money to properly prepare the floor. 98% of failures are because of floor preparation issues. Simply using the acid etch process described in the materials included with your epoxy IS NOT ENOUGH.

    #9 Grab a couple buddies to help and have a good time. It is a rewarding project that you can be proud of for many years if done properly.

    -- Good Luck!
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