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    Default Sewer vent ices over in winter

    I live in Alaska's interior. When it gets absurdly cold in the winter, I have to thaw out the sewer vent on the roof often with hot water or the bathroom downstairs develops a bad odor. Is there an easy way to prevent the vent from icing over?


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    Default Re: Sewer vent ices over in winter

    Hey there Dennis! Try increasing the size of the vent pipe exiting the roof, try using at least 3" pipe one foot inside the house and at least one foot outside. Hope this solves the issue.


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    Default Re: Sewer vent ices over in winter

    something like this ?

    The ice was 6 inches taller before the picture.

    We experience similar issues here.
    The only thing you might try is to insulate the vent pipe in the attic to try and keep the temperature of the sewer gas warmer before it reaches outside.

    Likel the cause for the smell is when the vent freezes over there is no air admittance into the drain system. When you flush a toilet --- for example --- you probably hear gurgling from a tub or sink drain as air is being drawn into the drain from wherever it can. This gurgling bubbles the water and /or draws water in the traps ---- allowing the sewer gas to enter the home.
    When the vent is frozen shut ---- run water down the drains after flushing the toilet to replenish the water seal in the traps.

    Here i rigged up access to break up the ice from the attic.

    Hopefully this helps.
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