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    Default Hanging artwork on plaster wall?

    Our house was built in 1922 and has nice plaster walls.
    We have put up some art with no problem. We have a new piece of artwork that must weigh 40lbs. The picture is already set up with d rings and wires to hang. I am just not sure what kind of anchor to use for this kind of weight. If it was just studs and drywall i would have no questions. Thanks for any help.


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    Default Re: Hanging artwork on plaster wall?

    Where did you get your artwork? If it was from a frame shop they should have given you some proper hangers. The trick is to pre-drill the holes.

    wood screws in the studs over 2 studs will give you some great holding power. If you want a more equal stability, go ask your frame shop for some safety hangers.

    Strong aluminum interlocking hardware securely anchors signs to wall. E-Z on-and-off clips are sold in pairs as shown. Screws not included. Holds up to 20 lbs.(this is only for smaller lengths) Custom Lengths Available.

    order from here

    ordering one long length to attach across the back will give you stability and preserve your plaster.

    If you want and alternative. take a length of 1 by 4 and cut it lengthwise at a 45* angle. screw on half to the frame with the angle creating a gap between the frame and the point, pointing the angle down on the frame N and reverse it for the wall---Pre-drill the holes in both the wall and the wood/frame. This creates a cleat where the 2 pieces lock in place.

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