An unreasonable neighbor has too many trees for a small city lot. My building with a brick foundation and ceramic pipes is from 1870. This area is a garage under a living area. It is 6' below grade. I noticed the brick has a foundation crack and a slight bulge. Additionally, my garage slab has cracks. These cracks point directly to a large healthy tree. A video revealed a very thick jungle is alive and well in my sewer lines. There is very little space left for drainage, It's only a matter of time for back-ups to begin. I was told if I replaced ALL these underground lines and prevented any water from leaking, the roots would stop encroaching. I HOPE this is true. It's a huge job. I have no rights in San Francisco, the trees do. I am even more worried about the bowing brick foundation. I was told the roots should be cut...however, there are MANY roots and 5' is deep, and why would they quit growing? Has anyone had a problem like this? I think of selling because it scares me to deal with it. It's a rental property and I'd rather not sell. Thank you