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    Cool removing grass

    HELP, I have an area in the front that i am tired of mowing and would like to remove the grass to landscape. I is too large to do by hand. Can I till it and remove the grass that way? Any suggestions?

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    You could get rid of the grass by renting a sod stripper & removing it.
    Or kill the grass with a round up type product.
    If you plant large bushes or shrubs just dig a hole large enough for the plant, then mulch around.
    If you are planting annuals, till the area up.
    Add some compost when you till or dig a hole.
    If you just till, you will get a lot of grass coming up.

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    Roundup would be the best choice. Spray the area with the round up and leave it alone for about 7 days, it will kill the grass and the roots then you can till the area. It is not necessary to saturate the area, one droplet on the blade will kill the grass and root. There is no residual effect from the Roundup but it will also not kill or neutralize any weed seeds that are in the ground some some weeding may still be required later.
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    By accident one year I had a kiddie pool thermo cover I laid on my lawn while the kids were swimming. In two hours it killed the lawn from the heat. The cover was like a bubble wrap material. I assume the bubbles in the material act like a magnifying glass. This not a solution for a big area it just came to mind as I read your question.

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