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    Question baseboard register making loud noises

    I have a 43 yr 2 story home with cooper pipes which originally had 2 heat zones, 1st fl and bsmt. Over the past 10 yrs we've added a 3rd zone for the 2nd floor and we also changed the house from a gambrel to a colonial with full updates including new baseboards.

    Since these renovations, every time the boiler for zone 3 turns on the pipes on the 2nd floor make extremely loud banging noises which starts in 1 room then flows through the other 2 bedrooms and after the pipes heat up enough the loud banging noises taper off to a continuous tinging noise throughout the whole 2nd floor. It's enough to wake you from a sound sleep and my children are afraid out it.

    Please help me, I don't want to go through another winter like this.
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