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    we have a serious lawn issue.About 4 years ago we did some landscaping in our back yard and we needed to reseed our lawn.
    It came in great that summer but come the next spring NOTHING.S we reseeded again. Again it came in great. but the next spring NOTHING.This cycle has been going on every year since. This year we give up any suggestions?
    Mike and Sarah in Racine Wis

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    Small world. I am also from Racine. Is the grass seed labeled for shady or sunny areas only? Is it being used in an area that might not be suitable for the sun/shade conditions? It is possible the seed took the first year since it was well watered initially, but for the years after it didn't hold up since it had specialiazed application properties.

    You also might think of contacting the UW Extension office, Kenosha
    and getting a soil sampling kit. This will help tell you the chemical makeup of your soil and what fertilizer will work the best. You can also contact MasterGardeners using the link below. This is a group of volunteers in the Racine/Kenosha area that help with any horticulural type question.


    I hope this was useful.
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