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    Default repair fiberglass tub

    i have just noticed a crack in our fiberglass tub.it is about one inch long and is located about four inches to the left of the drain where the bottom of the tub is rounded.we just bought the house and i was told the tub is 15 years old .this is a one piece tub and surround,making replacement difficult.does anyone know if there is a repair for this..thanks

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    Default Re: repair fiberglass tub

    Yes, it can be repaired and refinished. Look in the phonebook under bathtub refinishers.
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    Default Re: repair fiberglass tub

    We had ours repaired after 2 cracks were found shortly after installation. I now can't tell at all where the cracks were because the repair is so good. My suggestion is to first find your local/regional plumbing supply houses (not Lowe's or Home Depot, etc. but the guys who sell mostly to plumbers) and ask them for references. I paid $75 to repair two small (dime sized or less) cracks in the tub.

    Good luck.

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