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    Default electric water heaters

    hi does anyone have experience with rheem ecosense heat pump water heater? i want to replace my wicked old one: for new eco friendly one. call so ppl but got runaround.

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    Default Re: electric water heaters

    I've had experience with a Rheem Water Heater, and it wasn't good. It was a "contractor grade" installed by a repairman. I'll never use either again.

    This model, being a high end unit may be built a little better.

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    Default Re: electric water heaters

    I do not have this water heater in my own, but I do know some people who have them and they are very pleased with the energy savings. They have seen a decrease in their utility bills. All the ****** review I have read are positive. They also note that it is not a complicated installation. I think the most important thing to remember is to have it installed by a professional who has experience installing them before.
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