I recently had an addition put on my house and the contract was to complete it to an "unfinished" stage. I was to do all of the electrical, drywall, heat/ac, paint and trim myself.
Included in the construction contract was that the builder was to "rough-in plumbing" for a bathroom under a staircase. What he did do was to install a PVC pipe drain and a vent into the concrete slab that was poured as the floor. The drain goes down into my basement (which in next to [and below] the addition, not directly underneath) and just protudes about 12inches out of the wall. It is NOT connected to anything.
He also drilled 2 holes to allow the hot and cold pipes access to the water line, but did not connect these either. In fact, there are NO pipes at all other than the drain and vent. And the drain is not hooked up to my main.

Now that I have completed all of the other project, all there is to do is complete the bathroom. I have had estimates to finish the job as high as $2400.00. Every plumber who came by said that this did not meet their understanding of "roughed-in plumbing". They said that it should include the drains be hooked up to the main and the water lines be hooked up and capped.

Is there an industry standard for what this term really means and what a customer should expect when getting quotes? Do I have a legal right to get my contractor to honor the "rough-in" plumbing up to a certain level of completion?

Thank you. Any information would help.