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    Default Why 'low-E' windows?

    I know low-E is to keep the heat in the winter and keep it out in the summer. BUT then why do I still read to put big windows on the south to catch the winter sun? I tried spouting seeds behind a low-E window, that didn't work, so does enough heat come through to pay for what might be lost say at night. We live in Eugene, Oregon and don't get a lot of sun in the winter, but on days we do will the big windows on the south help any at all?? Other then on sunny winter days to lay on the floor in the sun, me not the cat.
    thanks for any answers, nailbender's wife

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    Default Re: Why 'low-E' windows?

    Low-E is not a heat blocker, it is desinged to block UV light to help prvent sun fadding of carpeting and materials. Plants need UV light.
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