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    I have an awesome big tabletop on my desk (24in deep by 59in wide) that is grade to spread all my schoolbooks across while studying, but the problem with my desk is the lack of drawer space. The desk has a build in space on the right (2ft deep and 15inches wide) that consists of one small drawer and two large cubbies that are not accessible for everyday office supplies. How hard would it be to build drawers for this space and how would I go about doing this in a simple inexpensive way? The desk is not hard wood but made out of particleboard. What material would work best and what would be the easiest project to accomplish this goal of creating drawers?
    Thanks so much for your help. I hope to get this done in the next week or two so it is ready when I begin my graduate Physical Therapy classes.

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    I don't know where you live but see if there is a Container Store nearby. They have units that might be adaptable to your desk. That would be the quick/easy/cheap way. If not close to one, look on their website and see what they show.

    You may be able to buy one of those wire basket, drawer units that are free standing and could possibly fit under the desk at the other end. It sounds like you have plenty of knee space and could give up some of it for this purpose.

    Good Luck.

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