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    Default Leaking basement (Lou)

    I have several spots in my basement where water comes in. It is not coming in at the floor. I believe I can fix this problem by installing a french drain and redirecting my down spouts from the house. My questions is how far down to the trenches have to be dug. I have been told they have to go all the way down to the footers.

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    Default Re: Leaking basement (Lou)

    Yes, You would have to go down to the footers and then drain the water away from the house. Very expensive as you would need a backhoe, dumptruck, gravel etc. There is another method of cutting out the concrete floor around the basement wall, digging out the dirt, putting your french drain on the inside of your basement wall, adding gravel and draining it to a sump pump. I have seen this done on several house and it is very effective and much cheaper.

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