I want to finally insulate my attached garage after 15 years. I will be heating it in the winter to about 50 degrees. I live in Minnesota. Question is do I put up a vapor barrier on the 2 exterior walls and ceiling?

One wall(back wall) is common to the house and has vapor barrier on the now warm side. This is also a tuck under with 10 feet of the ceiling which has the living room floor above.

I know that closed cell foam would be the best, but the cost is my consern.

I want to insulate with fiberglass bats. and then 5/8" drywall to fire code. So do I put up a vapor barrier on those outside walls and ceilings on the warm side?

I get 50/50 from local building inspectors. one says yes, and one says that's a tuff call because you don't want to trap moisture.

sorry for the long post, I just wanted to paint a complete picture of what I have.

thanks in advance.