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    Default Replacing HW Heater anode rods

    I have a 20+ year old natural gas water heater. Live in South Florida, and have a whole house sediment/carbon filter. I have never changed the anode rod. I have also never drained it to remove sediment. At this stage of the product's life - am I better to begin the maintenance or simply wait til it goes and start with a new one?

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    Default Re: Replacing HW Heater anode rods

    Hard to say --- 20 years is a pretty good life span.

    If the old anode rod has broken apart inside the tank ( providing there is anything left of it ) any large chunks could bang against and cause cracks in the glass lining from the turbluence of water entering and exiting. Once there are cracks in the inner glass liner will cause the metal tank to rust and leak.

    If you want to spend the $30 or so for replacing the anode rod and drain out the sediment might prolong the life of the tank ---- might be a week or a year --- tough to say.
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