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    Default Decomposed Granite?

    I've heard these words on every home improvement show for the past year and now after I've installed a fieldstone walkway (dry set over gravel and sand), I can't find this so-called decomposed granite anywhere. I just want something, other than sand, to fill in between the stones on the walkway. Any ideas on where to find this in the Philadelphia area and if it is not available, what should I use?
    Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: Decomposed Granite?

    I posted the Natural Stone Walkway on this site, one of the responses I received was to use Joint sand from quickcrete. I found it at Home Depot, $13.71 for a 50 lb bag. Supposedly you fill in the joints brush it off the stone and then mist it. It is supposed to harden like cement. I have not tried it yet...1. time and 2. is my joints are kind of wide so i have to test an area first.
    Good luck

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    Default Re: Decomposed Granite?

    I built a patio by using the same concept with bricks. The difference is that instead of sand as a substrate, I used Sakrete concrete mix and spread and leveled it while it was dry. I sprinkled it first and then set my bricks on top of it and leveled them while the cement was still loose, below. I did it an area at a time because I wanted to keep the concrete soft/sandy. I didn't water it enough to make it muddy.

    When I got all the bricks set, I poured Sakrete without the stones. It was a concrete/sand mix and then I just broomed it into the joints. Then I watered it both to clean off the bricks and get the concrete hydration going. The patio turned out really solid and is there today and in great shape after almost 20 years.

    Good Luck.

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