I read through the thread below, but thought I'd start this one as I have a multiple-zone system.

Here's the set up. Three-story cape cod. Lower level walk out, street level, and upper level.

The lower level and street level each have a zone. The upper level has two zones.

Each zone has it's own thermostat. Only the street level t-stat is programmable as it also operates the air-handler for the AC system.

This is our second winter in the home (our design and build). And we essentially set the lower level, street level and 1 zone on the upper level at a constant temp. We rarely need to change that temp.

The bedroom zone on the upper level is essentially un-used as there is enough residual heat to keep it at a comfortable temp during the winter (closed cell foam insulated home).

With all that said, does anyone think it would be beneficial from efficiency/economy to put programmable units on those three zones?