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    Default Hardwood Floor Denting and Chipping

    In the last year my wife and I purchased Armstrong Somerset Oak Flooring for our entire house - over 2000 square feet. We purchased oak because we were told it would be very durable. Nothing could be further from the truth (at least for this oak flooring). The least little thing that is dropped on the floor causes nicks and dents in the floor. I recently dropped my car keys on the floor and they put a noticeable dent in the floor. We brought this to the attention of the retailer whom we purchased the flooring from and he said the flooring was just like furniture and would dent and mark just like furniture. My only comment was furniture is not made for walking on.... Is this true - is this flooring so delicate that it dents and cracks with just about anything falling on it ?...

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    Default Re: Hardwood Floor Denting and Chipping

    I suspect that this is an engineered floor rather than full thickness material. Yes, it is typical for hardwood floors to dent and scratch, even with care, however it does seem your floor is particularly delicate. The quality of the flooring will make a big difference in how well it can withstand wear and tear. Cheap quality floors have an extremely thin surface veneer layer that damages easily. More expensive brands such as Kahrs has a very thick surface veneer and holds up much better, though it will still mar. Full thickness hardwoods will fair the best, however, you must realize that wood is wood, and it's softer than rocks or metal, or sharp rolly things like castered chairs. The best you can hope for is to be careful with dropping things and what gets walked, dragged, or otherwise put upon the flooring. If you're lucky, you'll be able to refinish the floor at least once before replacement is required. Cheap engineered floors are a one time use and must be replaced because the wood veneer is too thin to work with.
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