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    Default Basement Insulation Question

    I have a New house less 1 yr old. We are going to finish the basement.
    It is dry...
    and I put a 6in X6 in pc of plastic taped on all 4 sides and sealed to the wall ( poured 8 in thick) and Floor for 2 weeks and had no moisture what so ever on inside of plastic ... now My question is How should I build the walls on inside of the basement wall? I am not going to paint or Drylock the walls due to being dry. For a vapor barrier I put up 3 mil plastic all around the walls on the inside of the basement walls. the sill plate is sealed and fiberglass insulation is between the joists above the poured wall. Now can I put up my 2x4 walls and put fiberglass insulation between the studs and put up dry wall over Everything?
    being that it is dry is it ok to put the vapor barrier( 3 mil plastic sheeting) between poured wall and 2x4 studs??? the basement is somewhat warm and has heat 2 registers down there
    we live on MI /Ohio state line so it gets cold in winter

    some people have said to put 2x4 studs against the basement wall an put in insulation between studs the put plastic over everything then put up dry wall

    what are my options
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