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    Default Salvaged vertical 6 panel interior door with veneer

    I recently purchased an interior 6 panel door that is hardwood with a cherry or mahogany veneer. I paid $150 also inlcudes refinishing. It was salvaged form a house built in early 1900's. Is this a good price? Is this door ok with the veneer? ( I really want to know if this is ok?) I don't know anything about this sort of thing, it is 34" in great shape. He has 4 more does like this from this house, should I get them as well? Any advice of the door would be appreciated?

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    Default Re: Salvaged vertical 6 panel interior door with veneer

    That sounds good to me. The idea that the supplier will refinish them is great too because veneers will come loose. Most refinishing will make sure the veneers are secure.

    Congratulations you made a great find.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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