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    Default wood floor over concrete

    can anyone offer the proper way to install hardwood (not laminate)over concrete in the basement. we can't lose too much height.

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    Default Re: wood floor over concrete

    We did a below-grade engineered (tigerwood) floor in BR-111. It was glued down. I hope never to have to go through that ordeal again.
    Engineered, or BR-111 at least, requires that the slab be level to 1/8" within 6 feet. That made us use a whole lot of SLC. Then, the floor had to be sealed with a proprietary polyurethane sealant, and only then could we glue down the floor.
    There's a floor guy I'm acquainted with who claims that sealing+ 3/4" plywood glued and nailed down, then any hardwood can be installed.
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