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    Default Push in wire connectors

    Does anyone have advice on how to disconnect the wires from push in wire connectors? Or are you suppose to just cut the wires and re-strip? I am trying to switch out my dome light for a chandelier, but the builder used a push in connector and the wires do not want to come out of the connector, even with moderate force applied.


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    Default Re: Push in wire connectors

    Some push in connectors have additional holes where you can insert a pick to spread the clamps on the wire, some you just cut off.
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    Default Re: Push in wire connectors

    some connectors you can turn back and forth and pull at the same time. they will work there way off. if length isnt an issue just cut the wire.

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    Default Re: Push in wire connectors

    The best thing to do is cut the wires. When you get the wires out they could be damaged, corroded and may have burned off so there would be not point in using them. If there is wire to spare, I'd just cut them off as close as possible. I know the ones that just came out have a small hole that you push in a paper clip for them to pull out.

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