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    Default Problem Member Returns

    Dear Admin,

    We are yet again being trolled by a problem member. This member has been known and banned under many names, such as Lesliek, dwarfwytch, Blueridge Parkway, and others to numerous to remember. Said member is back again, using the alias of Moon Over My Hammy . We've notified you about this member and user name before, now we're doing it again! She is back and posting her misinformation once more. Please do something about it before she brings the forum down in yet another flame fest.

    We also know of at least one other alias that she uses regularly here if you're interested in knowing that one as well.
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    Default Re: Problem Member Returns

    OK Spruce, you caught me... if I turn myself in will you go easy on me.

    Have they been able to start filtering SPAM... it seems to be happening less lately... that sure was annoying.



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