I had an issue where my dishwasher was kicking the breaker when we used the microwave. Yesterday I decided to take a look and see if I could fix it. What I ended up doing is putting the dishwasher on its own breaker and everything is cool. In the process I noticed many things that were a bit odd. The kitchen had an outlet that was grouped with the living room. But the main thing was the way they wired the Kitchen so far. They ran 12-3 to a box and then in the box they would come out with 2 different circuits. What I found odd about it was one box had 3 wires coming out of it they all went to GFCI's. 2 Were in the kitchen and one was outside on the porch. In the breaker box they were both labeled kitchen GFCI. One was connected by itself, the other was connected to outside outlet. That is obviously wrong. My question is can I just put the 2 kitchen outlets together. With the outside one can I add that with the other 2 outside outlets to free up a breaker?