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    Question pipes make horrible noise

    if i use any faucet in the house after i take a shower, the pipes near my hot water heater make this god awful noise like they are shaking apart. it starts out hard and then lessens. it is really hard to describe the noise. physically the water jets out of the faucet at first and then over a few seconds lessens to the normal pressure. the jet and the noise happen at the same time. the same scenario will take place when the washer is going through it's cycles. please someone help!

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    Default Re: pipes make horrible noise

    Is the valve that services the water heater open all of the way? It's hard to pinpoint the problem with just a short description, but sometimes a globe valve that is not completely open will make some noise. As for the burst of pressure that seems to bring about the noise, I would try installing an expansion tank to help absorb some of that pressure.

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    Sounds like you need an expansion tank to me. After you have a shower a lot of cold water fills the tank and expands when heated causing excess pressure.
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