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    The porcelain tiles on the toe kick in the kitchen were installed using globs of ceramic tile adhesive. They have all now come loose. Is there a way to remove the gobs of dried adhesive from the tile in order to replace them?

    How should the tiles be reinstalled?

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    That old glue is pretty tough stuff, so I would recommend just replacing the entire kick board area. If you happen to break one of those old tile, getting the glue removed, you would have to buy some new tile anyhow.

    You can replace it with any good tile, using a high grade of thinset, and good grout in between each tile. Buy the bull nose tile, so you have a nice rounded edge on top.

    Good luck. It is always easier to work with a new product, than trying to salvage the old ones, since this is such a small area.

    Just a thought from my end.

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    They are not old tiles. We had the floors done about a year ago and the toe kick matches the floor. The tiles were cut from the 12x12 floor tiles.

    Can not get in touch with the contractor and would like to make the repairs myself

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