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    Question Painting 6 Panel Fiberglass Door

    I'm finishing some new pre-primed paneled fiberglass and steel doors. I'm using a white exterior latex paint for most, and a dark blue exterior latex paint for the exterior of the front door.

    Any tips on how to paint the molding portion of the door in between the panels and the rail and stiles? Having trouble getting an even layer of paint without getting too thick of a layer at the edge of the rails and tiless. thi layer then shows up when i roll the rails and stiles.


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    Default Re: Painting 6 Panel Fiberglass Door

    You might want to consider renting a sprayer and spraying the doors. The finish will come out much nicer than rolling. Spraying isn't magic and as long as you keep a wet edge, you'll do fine with a little practice.

    If that's not what you want to do, I'd use a brush to paint the molded areas of the panels first and then while still wet, roll the rest of the doors. If you use an oil based enamel and a brush, it'll even out on it's own pretty much. If you already have your paint, just use the brush to cut in and roll it. Brush it all, right after you roll it and the paint is still wet. It'll be an OK finish for you.

    Good Luck.

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