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    Unhappy Cleaning up After Re-pointing Front Steps

    I had a contractor re-point my brick front steps and although he did a good job of grinding out the old mortar, when he replaced it he also got motar in the cracks and crevices of the old brick used in the steps. He said that the winter freeze would push it out. It did not. How can I get it out? Acid? Pressure wash? Shotgun? Dynamite?

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    Default Re: Cleaning up After Re-pointing Front Steps

    Muratic acid is a good wash to get mortar or cement off the face of something, after it has dried. I'm not sure what you're working at with the cracks but I'd try the acid (and some good rubber gloves) and you could try picking it out after washing it down. It will fizz while the acid is working and just use water to stop the reaction.

    Good Luck.

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