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    Post noise & no flow problem

    In the master bathroom both sinks (his/hers) make this banging noise then after about 10 seconds the water just stops flowing. Anyone out there have a solution to my problem I'd sure appreciate it. This problem occurs no where else in the house. Thank you.

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    Default Re: noise & no flow problem

    Check your shut off valve. The washer may have deteriorated and come loose. It will act like flutter valve until it position to cut off the water.
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    Default Re: noise & no flow problem

    I am having a similar and ongoing issue. In my case the cartridges are failing and need to be replaced........... Cheap builder grade faucets......... I HATE plumbing problems.

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    Default Re: noise & no flow problem

    i would:
    1.remove aerator for cleaning and check pressure,if good,your done. still low....
    2.check shut offs be removing supply lines and running into bucket,if good pressure,the faucet is the problem and needs cleaning or replacement.if still low pressure....
    3.turn off main water supply and remove anglestops and check for debris build up in nipples and anglestops and replace if necessary.
    4.if your still having problems,you probably have galvanized waterlines that need to be replaced.

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