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    Default Hot water advice/options/questions.

    Hi. I live in a Cape style house, with 2 baths, one on the main level, one upstairs. It's heated with forced hot water, with an oil fired boiler. It is impossible to get a decent shower in either bathroom (never mind fill a hot bath). When I use the shower, it goes from HOT for a few minutes, to cold for a few, then lukewarm for a few. I think the previous owner had a separate hot water because I found a circuit breaker labeled "water heater" which is switched off. There is NO hot water heater in the house. It seems to me that my boiler cannot keep up with the demand for hot water.
    We have been considering a few different options, and I was looking for opinions, pros and cons, etc.
    1: The oil/heating company said they could add some kind of storage tank (and another heating zone for the basement) for about $1600.
    2: Installing an electric hot water heater (the electric company also rents these for ~$15 a month).
    3: A tankless water heater.
    Any advice or opinions would be helpful, and appreciated.
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