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    Default Adding Vents to existing Central AC system

    Hi all,
    I'm a new homeowner,and new to the boards here at TOH.

    I have central air and heat (for a house in Los Angeles)
    but there's no vent in the hallway or in the master bathroom,
    and they are both getting quite chilly.

    Is it horribly complicated to branch off the master ducts with small registers
    to place heat in my desired locations?



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    Default Re: Adding Vents to existing Central AC system

    It's not hard to do but you may also want to put in a return run, this way the cold air comes out as the warm air goes in and visa versa for A/C. You may want to make sure that your Heat and A/C System is sized right for the extra runs or it could run excessively long trying to satisfy or get to the desired temp. Good Luck!!!

    Chilly you say, try 14 degrees In MA !!!
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    Smile Re: Adding Vents to existing Central AC system

    I agree, put in some more air registers, either in the floor, or at the bottom of the wall. Just like the previous poster stated, be sure you put in cold air returns at the same time, so you have good circulation.

    Good air movement is essential, especially when it gets cold, like -13 degrees this morning in MN.

    Stay warm, or cool.

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