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    Default Re: Closets in an American 4 Sq. House.

    JLMMcDaniel, Years ago I was touring "Old World Wisconsin", one of these historical living museums. We were touring the old farmhouse when just this question of why there were no built in closets came up? The answer was that at that time (the mid to late 1800's), closets were counted as if they were another room by the county tax assessor!

    Of course, in those days before the days of cheap factory made clothes and automatic wash machines, people just did not have as many clothes, nor wash them as often. Makes you kind of wonder how good people smelled in those days.

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    Default Re: Closets in an American 4 Sq. House.

    Where I live, if a room doesn't have a closet, it's not considered a bedroom. At least for building permits and planning purposes. For example, if you have three rooms with closets, your septic system must be designed for a three bedroom home. (Rooms without closets would be considered storage or office space.) Your permit and impact fees will be based on three bedrooms. Not sure how it applies for tax valuations.

    The original poster is probably long gone (it was posted in 2009) and has forgotten about this thread, but if you have adjacent bedrooms you might be able to remove the wall between them and create side-by-side walk-in closets, with the door of one facing one room and the door of the other facing the other room. It would retain the shape and character of each room, and only lose about 1.5-2 feet from each room.
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