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    Unhappy Clogged sink

    Our house was built in 1957, a we upgrade all of the kitchen appliances 4 yrs ago. We started having a problem with the dishwasher throughly cleaning the dishes about 4mths ago. Sears has checked it 2 times and haven't found anything. They only told us to use a dishwasher cleaner periodically for build up. I ran dishwasher yesterday morning and later put pasta down the disposal (bad mistake); now the sink now clogged. We suctioned the water out with wet vac, tried the dishwasher/disposal method, but it didn't work. Drain runs free for a few seconds then the disposal fills up. The disposal is working, but water continues to bubble up. We've tried vinegar/baking soda down drain, and tried the dishwasher/disposal and plunger method again. Nothing!

    My husband and son removed the J-pipe and note much came out. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, but I think that it may be time to call a plumber.

    We now think that the issue with the dishes not being clean has something to do with the pipes and not the dishwasher..

    Thank you!
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