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    Default Ventilation above the stove

    I need ideas for venting above a stove without using a hood.

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    Default Re: Ventilation above the stove

    I have a similar issue and question. I had to remove my ventilation hood from above my stove and will be replacing it with a Broan Power Module PM250 series (which is the exhaust fan and light unit for custom hoods) You might want to go to the to check these out. I can not have an actual hood or anything that sticks out further than the front of my cabinets because of a stupid cabinet configuration. This should solve my problem but I did talk to the city inspector for my town and there is no requirement to have ventilation above a stove here.

    But I need help with installing it from some experienced electricians. In the installation instructions it says "use with approved cord-connection kit only". I don't understand this instruction. The module looks as simple to install as a light fixture from the module end but the wires coming out of the wall are the cloth wrapped type and seem to be so much bigger than the wires for the unit. The wires were hooked up to a range hood which I removed. Am I just freaking myself out?? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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