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    Default Painting wood floors - color

    We are looking to paint some existing wood floors in our 1901 farmhouse. They are painted dark brown.

    Is it a bad idea to paint them white? A friend told me all the imperfections would show through. I have a room where the floors are painted gray, but the room still looks pretty dark.

    I was hoping if I used a wood filler, sanded, primed, painted and added a polyurethane coat, white would still be an option.

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    Default Re: Painting wood floors - color

    IMHO, yes it's a very bad idea to paint them white or any color lighter than the dirt (exterior ) around your property. White is particularly bad at showing foot prints and grime. I would recommend going with as light a beige/dirt color as the natural dirt color of your property would conceal.

    As a side note, I've seen lots of white grouted tile floors that look absolutely hideous from all the normal traffic found in a house. If you've got pets it's even worse. If it were me, I'd go with as light as possible, yet still concealing color as possible (as described before ). If things are still too dark, then maybe change the wall/ceiling color as well as d****ries, accent carpets, and furniture to brighten the room.
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    Default Re: Painting wood floors - color

    Ditto on what Spruce said or if they are oak or another light colored wood you could refinish them in there natural color.
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