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    Question Basement Bathroom Problems

    Our home currently has one bathroom on the main level and one bathroom in the basement (which includes a sink, shower, and toilet). The floor in the bathroom has been painted with a gray paint that is peeling and flaking. I cut some vinyl flooring and laid it in there just to make it look a little less like a dungeon. After about 6 months, I pulled it up and found mold on the bottom. I want to redo the bathroom, but I don't want to put anything on the floor that will allow mold to grow under it. I was thinking tile would be a good option. Would that work? And do you apply thinset directly over the concrete floor (after removing the paint) and then the tile? Second question: The shower was built by the previous owners and it is not a standard size. Therefore, I cannot buy a shower base that will fit. Currenty, the floor is the same painted concrete which is a mess. I would like to put a liner in and then put in tile. Would this be a good idea? The drain is pretty much just a hole in the shower floor with a plastic cover. Can I get a new drain system to elevate the drain level with the tile?

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    Default Re: Basement Bathroom Problems

    vickicorky .... yikes.
    what you are describing would certainly cause the moisture issues.

    The one big question that comes to mind ..... the drain for the shower .... is there actually a "P" trap attached to a drain pipe to the main drain ?

    A good idea when appling tile to basement floors would be some sort of isolation membrane. What this does is isolates the floor from the tile .... this enables any cracking in the concrete floor to happen without any cracking to the tiles themselves.

    You might check this company's web-site ....
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