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    I have a new salt box style cabin with a metal roof, I need to put up some kind of gutter, but the cabin is in northern Michigan and in the winter the snow gets quite heavy and when the sun hits the roof big huge piles of snow come falling down. Iam afraid I would be replacing the gutter every year. Any ideas?

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    I think your best best would be galvanized steel gutters. They are known as the most durable gutter type and should hold up to heavy snow. They will also look nice with your metal roof. What do some of the other cabin owners up there use for gutters?

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    There's a few ways you could tackle this drain/gutter problem.
    Obviously whatever you put it there needs to be robust.
    You could add a fitting along the edge of the roof to act as a crude filter, holding the snow in place until it has completely melted - this would greatly reduce the load on the gutter.
    You could also minimise the amount of drain gutter exposed beyond the roof edge - again reducing the amount of snow which is able to get into the gutter and reducing the load.
    Best would be to contact a reputable roof/gutter spe******t in your area and get them to have a better look.
    Good luck
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