In the September, 2009 issue of This Old House magazine, there is a picture on page 42 where the ventilation for the range is mounted in the ceiling as opposed to being more of a traditional drop down range hood (you can see the picture ****** here,00.html)

We are currently building/rebuilding our house and would love to do this, but are not quite sure what to look for to make sure it is powerful enough and may meet any code issues. The range will be on an island, with a 36" gas range. There is a window on the wall directly behind where the range will be. We are not very greasy chefs (I'm a vegetarian), so we are not as terribly concerned about the grease capturing aspects of a traditional ventilation system, only the air movement ones. We love the idea of the function without seeing it.

Does anybody have any recomendations for specific products that would fit this need or specific qualities that I should be looking for in a product?

Thanks so much!