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    Default Re: New to TOH I need pro help! Please.


    It sounds like you have a pretty good handle as to what the nature of the problem is - low temperatures and too much humidity. The house seems to be pre-1970's when building standards were toughened after the first energy crisis. Older homes had much less insulation and often had insulation which was not well installed, causing many cold spots. An interior wall to an unheated area could well be lacking any insulation and be very cold, causing extreme condensation.

    When possible, I would keep the temperature up to at least 70 degrees to reduce the relative humidity. If it were a forced- air heating system, I would leave the furnace fan on "run" to even out the humidity in the house. Even in the winter, I would carry a strong box fan to ensure drying before condensation caused the paint to run. This was often the case in upper exterior corners of rooms where the insulation had obviously sagged. You have to keep the air moving!

    As too handling the sagged paint: I would probably let it dry, sand down the high spots and then skim coat drywall compound to even it out. Then prime and paint.

    In the future, try to reduce your file size before posting, I had to scroll back and forth to see all your comments and pictures.

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    Default Re: New to TOH I need pro help! Please.

    Thank you for the reply ordjen. Honestly, I think the source of my stress was helping someone who has possibly already spent tremendous amounts of money on unqualified workers. He's cool with the rain cloud theory and had someone from where he bought the windows come check them and they said the new windows are leaking, some pretty bad. The same guy who installed them mind you recently knocked down a wall and installed a new support beam. I hear it meets code but it's wood. Thats all I know so far. I think he has some stuructural issues going on. Probably open a new thread on that. But I think his house is doing the boogy woogie. I promised only a quick (due of someones lack of ability to say I cant do this)sand/mud/sand /prime. Untill he knew what he wanted to do about other things.

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