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Thread: Woodshop heat

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    Default Woodshop heat

    I am currently finishing a new woodshop under my garage. I am looking for the best way to heat it. I understand that with a woodshop, there will be a lot of saw dust, etc, so I should stay away from open flame systems?. My house is heated with propane, so that is an option. I would also like, if possible, to allow some of the heat to filter up into the garage, but that is not the priority. Help please.

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    Obviously you want to stay away from anything that has a source or ignition, and you want your heat readily available. If you have room in you garage I would suggest a forced hot air system with an LP conversion kit. That way you could duct to your workshop and get some heat to the garage. If you have no room on the garage floor you could always go with a Horizontal System and hang it from your ceiling joists. Follow the link for info on LP Conversion Kits, please head the WARNING. Good Luck!!!


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    Forced hot air is an option, however you will want to install a filter over the return in the shop. Another option is to use electric baseboard or electric oil filled radiator, they supply heat and are fairly easy to maintain.
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    I grew up using a woodshop with a wood stove for heat. Yes, there is a slight concern of combustibility, but IMHO it's fairly small as long as you're careful.
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