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    Default Attack insulation old home

    I have an 1880's Victorian. Previously a slate roof at some time, but shingle as long as I've owned it. No vents in the attic, but it is surely not air tight.

    The plaster on the third/top floor has been removed to insulate the walls and rafters of the attic, so the living area can be more livable year round. The insulation contractor does not feel that there needs to be a baffle between between the rafter seperating the insulation and the actual wooden roof. I thought that there would need to be a baffle as the slate roof is made to be breathable, so even though there are no soffit or ridge vents, there is still air penitration which causes problems.
    Its the fiberglass insulation that comes in rolls.
    Can you tell me if the baffle is needed or not?
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