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Thread: plaster celing!

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    Question plaster celing!

    my house was built in 1945 i want to put a ceil fan it has plaster celing i have some small cracks in the celing if drill a hole to put my wire and the fan will the ceiling fall down? also how would i run the wire for my fan? do i need a breaker for this or ?

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    You probably dont need a seperate breaker. You would likeley be able to tie in to another circuit locally as long as there is a hot nuetral and ground. (dont tie into any knob and tube) as far as the plaster lath ceiling .. good luck .. I would recomend getting a hole saw the size of the hole you want to make then using it to make a hole in a piece of plywood about 2' x 2' square, put pressure on the cieling with the plywood then drill the hole through the hole in the plywood, that will reduce the vibration on the plaster lath and reduce the chance of breaking that chinking loose that holds it together. If it does break there is some technology available to repair it but I would suggest getting that help from a different section of this forum.
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