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    Default T&G Flooring for kitchen cabinet building?

    A novice( me), Was wondering why I couldn't use solid oak flooring to make kitchen cabinet rails, stiles, and doors. Has anyone tried or heard of this? I can get the materials really cheap but not sure of any drawbacks

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    Default Re: T&G Flooring for kitchen cabinet building?

    Sure you can do it. A friend of mine had some left over teak T&G flooring. He made a awesome looking desk that looked like the ass end of a Hatteras Yacht. The darn thing was so cool.....

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    Default Re: T&G Flooring for kitchen cabinet building?

    You are only limited by your ingenuity and inspiration.

    I built an accordianated sewing chest out of T&G cedar, the only issue was places where end grain can be seen and the resulting gaps in the glued up T&G slats. I filled mine and they almost disappeared. Of course, if you rip the T&G off and normally edge glue the pieces you won't have that problem. In my case, I wanted the beveled edge profile of the T&G.
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