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    Default bathtub and shower

    this past week before it rain it was very cold and feels like a freezing week i pour some draino on the both tubs cause when it starts raining it always clog up the i tried everything to plunger and drain manually the water..but evrytime i plunger it goes to the other side tub (twice my work) and it is mud or dirt that comes up from the tub..what should i do now that i notice my stopper of the tub is broken.(not attach to the latch) how can i get the clog out?i bought a store auger for tubs but won't fit into the holes in the drain out of my tub..please help running out of patience..

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    Default Re: bathtub and shower

    Have you handled plumbing repairs like this before? It sounds like you may need to consult with a local plumber.

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