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    Default Lights keep going out

    I have replaced the light bulbs in the bathroom lights and hallway alot lately but just 2 weeks ago i put all new bulbs in the three light fixtures in the hallway a total of 9 bulbs and everyone is now out! I need some advice I bought this house 5 years ago and when I first moved in I could hear chewing in the ceiling (like rodents) and then they stopped but the house was empty for almost 2yrs before we bought it. Any advice? thank you Mary

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    Default Re: Lights keep going out

    Have you measured the voltage at the lights or light switches with a volt meter? A bulbs life span is greatly diminished by either too much or too little voltage. While the boxes are open, examine each and every connection to make sure they are tight with no broken wires. Please remember to turn the power off before opening any electrical devices.

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    Default Re: Lights keep going out

    In my experience, the most common problems with excessive light burnout is:

    1. Bad electrical connections, most often within the box behind the fixture.
    2. Cheap no-name bulbs
    3. Cheap light fixtures
    4. Dirty light fixtures and bulb bases.

    It's possible you had critters gnawing on the wires in the attic, so an inspection from above would be a good idea. I'd start with the easy stuff first and work your way up the list. ALWAYS turn the power to the circuit off before messing with electrical systems.
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